IP Audits Plus Grant

What is an IP Audit and how can it add value to your business?


Authored by Andy Aitken


The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has recognised the need to provide SME businesses with a support programme for assistance with IP guidance and does this by way of the IP Audits Plus programme. This programme has been developed to help SME businesses identified as having growth potential receive the right guidance through advice from qualified IP organisations and to understand the IP services required as their business develops. Ellis IP are approved for IP Audit Plus delivery.

Contact us to discuss how an UK Intellectual Property Office funded IP Audit can be tailored to offer the greatest commercial benefit for your business, or learn more about the grant below.

What is the IP Audit Plus award?

The award is a tailored and focused IP review of your business to assist with management and development of the business and the real IP needs required. The audit provides guidance to identifying, protecting and maximising IP and is tailored to the business IP needs whether it is a start-up or an established business. Although there is no prescribed format for the confidential audit report the content includes business overview, scope of work, potential business relevant IP issues, IP management and a recommended IP action plan.

The scope of work is limited to approximately 2.5/3 days of IP attorney time and typically covers a sound review of existing IP, potential threats, IP management and a list of recommendations. In further detail the review might include for example, patentability search results, trademark proposals, design right reviews, legal agreements, licensing, trade secrets, risks posed by IP owned by others, potential IP capture and future IP management. The report cannot be used for direct costs of preparation and filing of IP applications although there may be elements such as search results that are directly relevant to a subsequent IP application. The report is confidential and is followed by an opportunity for content discussion with the IP professional free of charge, the overall objective being to identify real IP needs and generate a sound initial IP policy.

What is the cost?

The total value of the Audit is £3000 (incl. VAT). The IPO contributes £2500 and the business must contribute £500 (incl. VAT).

How do I apply?


Scottish Enterprise (incl Highlands and Islands Enterprise)

England and NI

Enterprise Europe Network (covers Northern Ireland)


Business Wales

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Authored by Andy Aitken