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Protecting your intellectual property is an investment, Ellis IP is committed to ensuring each service we offer adds value to your business. We tailor our approach to your individual needs and requirements, and remain agile as those needs evolve over time. Below is a selection of the value-adding services we provide.

Contracts, Licensing & Litigation

In the case of contracts, licensing and litigation IP attorneys require the support of solicitors. We understand that disjuncture can occur when separate organisation work towards the same goal on behalf of client. For this reason, we work under a formal partnership with MBM Commercial, an entrepreneurially minded firm of solicitors with strong and proven experience in IP law. This partnership means a cross-discipline legal team is ready to work seamlessly on your behalf with agility, clarity and efficiency, often at a time which is pivotal for your business.

IP Strategy & Consulting

Our team has considerable experience of commercial IP strategy implementation for both start-up and large businesses and can help you develop or introduce any or all aspects of IP strategy, IP innovation, IP training and IP management processes within your own organisation. We can do this on different levels tailored to meet your specific budget requirements and desired outcomes.

Almost any business has some form of Intellectual Property and the management of these IP assets in a cost-effective way requires planning. This plan or IP strategy should be focused on what IP may be relevant to potential business income and where, when and how to apply it, knowing the likely costs and the potential benefits. As a new business evolves it is essential to review the alignment of the IP assets to the actual or proposed business income to ensure that the IP protection remains relevant and adds value to the enterprise. Comprehensive IP Strategies may be fully integrated with business plan aspects as an IP plan document covering areas such as brand management, competitive intelligence, freedom to operate, technology development, licensing, acquisition, and company IP philosophy.